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A store is available where you can sell your in-game items for virtual currency purchased with real money.

News system

An article system is at your disposal so that your community is always up to date with all about your game.

Page system

A page system allows you to write whatever you want and add them to the navigation bar.

Server status

Connect to the API of your server the CMS allows you to retrieve the status of your game in real time.

Online player count

Connect to the API of your server the CMS allows you to retrieve in real time the number of players connected to the game.

Admin account and characters

The administration of the CMS allows you to manage the user accounts of your game server as well as the people of your players, different actions are possible, such as ban, kick, mute etc.


All of the projects below are running with the CMS.

Dragon Ball Z La rage des sayens logo

A mmorpg retracing the history of the Manga Dragon Ball Z universe.

Dagga logo

Dagga is an online rpg. The game is located on a continent where once lived a flourishing civilization.

Megania Online logo

Megania Online is 2d mmorpg that features classic rogue-like elements and top down rpgs.